New Arrested Development Coming to Netflix!

One of the most eagerly awaited programs being brought back from the dead is Arrested Development. Netflix is producing the latest season bringing back the full cast to fire out 14 episodes in May this year. **UPDATE Netflix F*#cked up its now 15 episodes. Hell Yeah!!**

After working through the previous 4 seasons on Netflix, in what felt like a matter of days, I couldn’t wait to find out what became of the Bluths. I’m hoping that the new season will have the feel and quirky nature we’ve all come to love from Gob’s terrible magic tricks to whether George-Michael will ever end up with his ‘cousin/half cousin’ (not sure what was decided about that in the end..)

I do however have a couple of concerns about this shows resurrection, as the network had issues getting all of the cast members involved and away from other projects they are working on. It appears that none of the episodes will involve every character and the only recurring actor across all the episodes will be Jason Bateman. The aspect of the show that really worked for me was how the characters intertwined and the shots jumped from one character to the next while some other chaos is unfolding. Instead of this approach it seems each episode will revolve around a single character and run through what has happened since the series was canned all those years ago. We do however get also have the added bonus of some more guest stars suck as Seth Rogan, Kristen Wiig and Ben Stiller (returning as Tony Wonder).

My other concern is that I was hoping this would be a new lease of life for this program and not just a one off season, but it appears Fox’s CEO has already decided this is the end of the road before they are even available to stream. What a dick!

Hopefully the producers will actually pay attention to the number of viewers who consume all the episodes in one go (which is awesome no more waiting a week for a 22 min fix). And fingers crossed the new format works and in 2 years time I’m writing about the antics of the Bluth family.

Check out the clip below featuring the top 10 running jokes. Mght trigger some memories!

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  1. 18th March 2013 | vicky says: Reply
    I'm so excited about this - I love Arrested development, will be interesting to see how they bring it all back together!
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