Mad Men: It’s back and by God it’s beautiful

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Mad Men Season 6 is upon us.

Finally, Season 6 of Mad Men is upon us and is as mesmerisingly iconic as to be expected by this multi-award winning, stylish American drama. Created by Matthew Weiner and superbly acted by John Hamm, Christina Hendricks and January Jones, amongst countless others, Mad Men is about the lives of the men and women involved in the rise of the advertising agencies in 1960’s America.

Coming into Season 6 it appears that the lead character, Don Draper, is unsettled, potentially questioning his marriage and is looking back to his emphatic brooding best. Lovers of the show will know that when Draper is showing these signs the results are often catastrophic to both his work and personal life.

The latest season of Mad Men is off to an explosive start; opening in the dream-like locale of Hawaii, Don’s dark past appears to be troubling him once more, Roger has two deaths to come to terms with, Peggy is contending with issues in her new role and just where the Hell is Joan Holloway?

After the devastating finale of Season 5 there are so many questions left unanswered, so many riddles yet to be unravelled and so much suspense over the very final scene. Did Don do it? Is he back to his old ways?

From the opening of Season 6 it appears that the creators of the show are not going to waste any time in revealing the answers while presenting the audience with a whole new set of anomalies to deal with.

From a show that depicts the men that make you feel something without you even knowing it, Mad Men continues to bewilder and enthral audiences and critics alike.

Not seen the show?

Mad Men is a wonderfully entertaining piece of television drama. Whether sleek style is your thing, if you are into period dramas or if you just want to watch something wildly engaging, Mad Men is for you. Also, unlike AMC’s other popular TV drama, Walking Dead, this is something you can viably watch with your partner without the risk of them hiding behind the sofa.

Warning: For new male viewers of the show, don’t worry if you develop a man-crush on Don Draper, it’s perfectly understandable and frankly, inevitable.

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