Joe Schmo Show is Finally Back!! Schmo Show is Finally Back!!

If you’ve not heard of ‘The Joe Schmo Show’ you don’t know what your missing and its in its third season! It’s the anti-reality show of reality shows!

The Concept:

  1. You decide on a reality show competition to run auditions for. In this case the hunt for a guy who wants to become a Bounty Hunter and win a years contract as one and a lump sum prize of $100,000.
  2. You decide on someone who will be your ‘Joe Schmo’
  3. Drive him up to a house where he will spend the next 10 days competing against 9 competitors.
  4. Don’t let him find out all the other contestants and the host are ACTORS and the whole show is FAKE!
  5. Turn his world upside down and fuck with his head in every way possible.

It’s sounds ridiculous but the challenges are designed to test his morality and how far he will go. From tasering his fellow contestant Skyler (who’s plays a widow following her husbands cement pouring accident) and having a huge black guy flying a kite in the gardens wearing a Lorenzo Lamas’s casual pouch. (don’t ask just watch it)

I won’t ruin the any of the challenges for you in this post just go out and watch Ralph Garman ‘the host’ pretend to be a real bounty hunter and try to compose himself and not laugh at the Joe Schmo talking to a Lama.

I will mention my favourite character though, which is a deaf woman with her interpreter. Surprise surprise she’s not really deaf but when she pulls out a ventriloquist dummy and talks to it whilist the interpreter says the dummys lines I fell to pieces.

Mr Wentworth

Check out the trailer below and just watch episode one now that you’ve read all the way to here.
I’m off to watch season 1 and 2.

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