Breaking Bad is coming to a end.. (Behind the Scenes Footage)

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad all I can ask is where have you been hiding.


So a behind the scenes trailer for the final instalment of Breaking Bad has been released and it looks like thinks are going out with a bang. I just can’t wait to find out how Mr White handles building and I suspect self destructing a drug empire

I’ve been sceptical since the beginning of this season, as I felt that the ending of the last was an excellent way to tie up loose ends. With Gus being taken out of the picture and Walt telling Skyler he had won left me satisfied. I just struggle to wonder how in the remaining 8 or so episodes how things are going to work themselves out and end as perfectly as last season.

The opening episode seemed to jump to far from the norm, with the only ties to the previous episode being flashbacks which I found were getting tedious. This being said when it opens with Walter opening the trunk of a car with a ton of guns in did get me asking WTF was going on.

I realise July 14th is a long way off but I just cant wait to find out how Walter can avoid getting taken down by a angry as hell Hank. Enjoy the footage…

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