Arrested Development Trailer – I Just Blue Myself!!

The Latest Trailer for the new season streaming soon exclusively on Netflix is out now (see below). For more news and info on the new season check out my older post: Arrested Development coming back to Netflix!!

The trailer brings back some of the classic elements of the show I’ve missed. Jobs Magic, Maeby and George Michael appear to be at college together (AWKWARD). Also, it appears we can still count on Tobias and Lindsay to have exchanges that go something like this, “I really love you, Tobias.” – Lindsay; “Oh Lindsay, we’ve got to get you to that acting class.”

Enjoy the Trailer!!

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  1. 14th May 2013 | Fenco says: Reply
    Dear Lord, I've never been quite so excited in my life. Only watched this a few weeks ago and literally watched every single episode within a weekend.

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