Some of the Awesome shit coming out of Google I/O 2013 Day 1

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If you’ve not seen some of the updates from Google I/O or didn’t tune into the live stream on Inner-Geek yesterday then you sir are not very wise… You can catch the full stream here: I/O Day 1 Stream

Here’s some of the awesome new features coming out of Google HQ. There was a bit of gloating (but i’ll let them off as they earned it) and there’s some awesome overhauls and updates to user favourites.

Android and Chrome
The Show began with some staggering numbers. 48 Billion apps have been installed thanks to 900 million activated android devices. Google also introduced a new tool off the back of this for app developers called ‘Android Studio’ which makes developing for multiple screen sizes and multiple languages soooo much easier.

The newbie on the scene that was Chrome is the worlds no1 browser with 750 million active users. F*#k you IE!!

Google Maps
There has been a ton of work gone into a new look and feel for maps. The new design is invite only which you can request here. Google Earths 3d mapping is an optional overlay and the whole display is now full screen.

The main changes appear to be around using the local search. As you search using google maps more and more places are populated based on your likes and interests.

Check out the vid. Its so so sexy!!

Google announced 41 (not a typo) new features for their Google+ Platform. I would go through and breakdown each one but I would have to take holiday from work to get through them all.

One of the main stand out features is the update to the main stream (news feed) which is now split into 3 columns. Unless your on a small screen in which case its responsive down to one. Google said the current stream was very flat and needed a fresh take.

Gtalk- Google chat- Gphoneafriend are all gone!!. Its Hangouts bitch and they are here to stay.

Awesome Photos: Google has released a whole host of photos updates around a tool (which is on by default) called Auto Awesome -Love the name!!- it can auto enhance photos and do some crazy shit with sets merged together flip book style. Check out the whats new on G+.

The majority of the updates around search were around bringing the ‘Conversational Search’ functionality which is found in the Android and iOS apps and bringing that to our big screen desktops within the chrome browser.

If the mic is on the browser will repsond to the wakeup call ‘OK Google’ without a single click and allow you to search in much the way Google Glass will work.

Google is then guiding users to ask questions to Google instead if the age old string on random keywords in the hope Google will understand what your after. It uses the context of you questions to answer in the right way. “Where’s best to take pictures in Portsmouth” will bring back a list of results with emphasis on google images and maps. “Where can I buy a burger?” will bring up restaurants, reviews etc, without the 8 results about what a burger consists of and weight loss tips. I can’t wait to play with this.

Google I/O Day 2
Hopefully that breakdown gave you an idea and once again if you want to catch up in full: Google I/O Day 1 stream is here.

And if your ready for it Day 2 of the Google I/O Stream is ready and waiting to start at: Google I/O Day 2 Stream

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