PS4 What? Why? Why? Why?…rubbish

I was very excited to find out what Sony were going to release to the gaming world and stayed up to watch the PS4 live event streaming from New York.

It was less of an announcement and more of a contest of which speaker could talk shit for the longest, and at the same time try to justify that the new system is a console revolution and all the features are what we’ve been asking for all along.

I’ll start with the positives such as the faster processor and better graphics “8GB of memory, a hard drive and an x86 CPU” which is all very good but the graphics they showed onstage were on par with the current system. My question: Where’s the WOW factor?

On the flip-side here are some shitty features I won’t use and have never asked for:

  • Having a share button on the controller that allows you to share segments from your last 15 min of gameplay. PS4 will constantly store the last 15 minutes of gameplay for this purpose. Sony said that so many players screen share that obviously they all want to share video all the time..
  • Another feature is the ability to view a friends gameplay in realtime. With this feature if a friend is stuck against an awkward boss you can ask if he wants a hand and remotely take over his controls and do the bit for him. Sounds cool but how often would you use this really? Maybe 1 time when you get the PS4 and that’s probably it.
  • Sony also said a reason users aren’t downloading so many games from the PS Store is the delay caused by waiting for the full game to download in full. To get around this issue they have designed the downloads so that when you purchase a game or want a demo it will just download a small percentage to start with so you can play instantly and will download the rest as you progress through the game. This is an excellent idea except that the reason I don’t buy games from the store is they as twice the price than if I popped out to the shops. Sony if you make the games cheaper then I would use this, but £55 for FIFA is taking the piss.
  • Being able to play games remotely on a PSVita. Ooooo sounds good except I still have my PSP and don’t play that and if I remember correctly it has a thing called remote play that I never found a reason to use. Can’t you just focus on making awesome gameplay possible on the PS4 instead of trying to flog another device that allow me to play when I’m in the bath.(this should not be attempted!!)

The whole console has been built around social engagement from sharing videos of gameplay and viewing live play from your PSN friends. This all sounds current but how many of you have turned on your PS3 and thought ‘I know what I won’t play a game I own, I’ll just watch my friend play his game and wait until he’s stuck and maybe I can help? I’ve personally never had this urge and when I turn on the PlayStation I just play a game. I might look at my friend list and choose a game their playing so we can play together, but never wanted to sit eating popcorn watching someone else get killed by Nazis..

Also I’m still waiting to see the design of the PS4 as Sony are trying to paint a picture that this device will just be like magic, and you won’t notice it’s in the room as its syncing with my PSVita, and busy sharing videos of me scoring a goals in FIFA while cooking my dinner and mowing the lawn.

In the end we’ll see when this turd is released… (update: Check out the first comment below and go to the youtube video. it explains everything you need to know.)

PS4 Controller

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  1. 14th March 2013 | Cornishman In London says: Reply
    I'll have you know the PS4 will OWN the gaming market and finally put the Xbox to bed. Notice that I haven't mentioned PC gaming because everyone knows that people don't play games on PC's anymore! ;) Here's an alternative version of the Sony PS4 Conference - "It's got RAM in it!!"
    • 14th March 2013 | Zak Harper says: Reply
      I take back my post that video you shared takes the piss enough for me. p.s thanks for popping my sites comment cherry!!
  2. 9th April 2013 | WhiskeyDel7a says: Reply
    If you have ever watched someone else play COD, you may have found it massively frustrating as I do, or as they do when I cant help but give them "tips." I can see this frustration going online with the PS4. If people can watch me play, I may have to stop looking at Lara's chest in tomb raider so much... I a PS player though, so hopefully I will be safe.
  3. 9th April 2013 | WhiskeyDel7a says: Reply
    *im not a PS player

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