Increase Your iPhone Battery Life Without Buying A Battery


iPhone’s have a lot going for them but battery life certainly isn’t one of them. Like a lot of smartphone manufacturers these days Apple focused their attention on making the iPhone sleek and beautiful, which means sacrificing the precious grams that a big battery affords.

You could always buy an iPhone battery?

Before we get started with some tips to increase your juice, one of the most obvious and simple solutions to the battery conundorum is to buy an extended battery. You could buy an extra battery or a iPhone case with a battery built in. For the latter I’d recommend the Mophie Juice Pack
which still looks nice but extends your battery by almost 100%. The main downfall though is that this increases the weight of your phone significantly, which kind of defeats the point of owning an iPhone – so how can you extend the existing battery?

How to extend your battery life

FYI – A lot of these tips simply mean turning shit off.

Top 10 Tips

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi: Being the nice friendly phone it is the iPhone is always looking for a cheeky Wi-Fi hotspot to save your data allowance. Unfortunately this function drains battery like a trophy wife drains your bank balance.
  2. Turn Bluetooth off: An obvious one. You look like a douche bag in that headset anyway.
  3. Turn on Auto-Brightness: A nice feature on the iPhone is the ambient light sensor which adjusts brightness based on your environment. Many users complain it’s often too dim but it will save your battery.
  4. Turn off 3G/4G: With great power comes great battery loss. If you use the slower networks you can save your battery. If you’re on the train and your signal is poor then don’t try to use Facebook, the phone will try to find a signal and your battery will cry in protest.
  5. Turn off location services: Like most smartphones the iPhone has a nice GPS functionality so you can tell your Twitter followers you’re at McDonalds (Big Mac, Lol). Unfortunately this ruins your battery so turn it off until you need to tweet.
  6. Turn data push off: You’ve got 64 new followers! No, not really, it’s a DM from that guy you forgot to unfollow. Turning off push notifications is a big battery booster.(For the noobs: Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Slide to Off)
  7. Fetch email less often: You’re not that desperate to read work emails are you? Thought not. You can tell your iPhone when to check for new emails or stop being lazy and check them manually; this will save battery life.
  8. Turn off the Equalizer: Not a lot people know this but the iPod app has a neat little Equalizer that adjusts the treble, bass, etc, based on the music you’re listening to – neat huh? No, this little bitch uses battery, turn it off.
  9. Auto-Lock your shit: Don’t leave your phone glowing at you, set auto-lock to 1 minute.
  10. Download an app: There are a lot of different apps that make bold claims about increasing battery life. A lot of them will simply adjust the settings listed above but it might be worth investing if you’re a heavy user. Battery Life Pro is a popular choice (and it has pretty graphics, which is important).


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  1. 21st May 2013 | Joe's only iPhone-owning friend says: Reply
    Properly closing your apps also helps. Double-press "the button" to make the little bar open at the bottom, hold over an icon for a second, then tap the minus sign. Also stops the app using PRECIOUS processing power.
  2. 21st May 2013 | Joe says: Reply
    What is this "button" you speak of Dan?

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