How to Access Other Countries Netflix Content

So we’ve all seen the Netflix/Lovefilm adverts that have been spamming all of us for god knows how long. I’ve tried both services and due to the functionality and (in my opinion much greater selection of content) I highly recommend Netflix.

The issue with just having the standalone Netflix package is that you are limited to the country/region you are streaming from. This post will explain how to work around this and unleash the worlds Netflix direct to you viewing device.

I was told about the website which is basically a search engine that will tell you which region has which content. Such as atm I watch ‘The Shield’ and even though its an American TV program the Brazilians seem to be the only region with the rights to watch it. I found Canada has the newest films and the US strangely has better British content than the Brits.


How Netflix knows where you are and how to get around it..

Netflix uses the viewers ip address to determine their location and serve them content locked to their region. This can be worked around by using any of the many available proxy services you can find online. Just chuck ‘proxy’ into Google and your well on your way. This will connect you via an intermediary server when you connect to the Netflix service. If the proxy server you conect via is in America Netflix will identify this as your location and “Hello US Netflix Content”.

The issue I’ve found with these free proxy services is that thy tend to keep dropping out and that causes my Netflix app on my PS3 to have a fit.

I found services such as and In the end I chose Unblock for this purpose as it was cheaper at only $4.99 Canadian which is about £3.20 a month. It also has an awesome Android App and the website is very easy to use. Other benefits I found with using this service is that the set up is so simple, and you can choose from a list of 10 countries/regions that you can view content from and you can easily switch back and forth.

**If you plan on hammering torrents and need the encryption and anoymimity HideMyAss’s VPN plan might be a good shout (obviously don’t do this I’m just saying if you want to stay hidden this is a way to do it..)**


The Setup:
The ‘how to’ section of the Unblock-Us is quite self-explanatory so i’ll keep this brief and explain the basic setup.

1) Sign up for Unblock-US
2) On whichever device you are on you can go into the advanced settings of the internet connection and there is an option to set the DNS records. The DNS just needs to be changed to Unblock-Us ip addresses: DNS1:, DNS2:
3) All done your set up.

Now all you need it to go to the Unblock-US site, login and select from the dropdown your region of choice and start up Netflix.


Is using a proxy for Netflix legal?

I’ve looked around in multiple places and connecting to various countries to consume content is perfectly legal. This is common practice in some remote working instances when employees are out of the country and need to ‘dial’ in to the office. The only instances when using these services is illegal is when you are using a proxy to watch content that users in the country you’ve connected to have to pay a subscription to use the service. In the case of Netflix you are paying for your access to their content. If you go on holiday you are not blocked from the service you are simply shown you new locations content.

Hopefully this was of use to some people and hopefully this you decide if Netflix is worth the money..

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