Tomb Raider PS3 Review – zoom,centre…Boobs!!

If Tomb Raider had been a PS3 launch title it would have been considered the greatest thing to happen to video gaming in a long time. However it is not a PS3 launch title, it is a game released in the final few months of the life of the console. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the game a lot however after three Uncharted games it feels as though Tomb Raider is just trying to keep up.

Firstly this game has more bugs than a Cambodian snack stall.

It is buggy, really buggy. Including such greats as the incredible disappearing Lara Croft, the classic Lara stuck between two rocks stutter, the floating run, the enemy death replay loop and the one second music loop glitch, (although it took me a while to realise that this one was a glitch and not just some in-game dubstep,) The only way out of these glitches was to switch off the system and reload the game. The video at the bottom of this page shows the many deaths of Lara, and in the last minute or so you’ll see some of the “Lara falling through floors glitches” I struggled through.

This brings me nicely on to the game saves. They are perfect. The games auto saves at relevant points without interrupting the game play at all and if you should die you are just popped back at the closest safe point. Not that you would need this as the game-play is really smooth and slick. Lara can climb a cliff-face, run over a rooftop and jump to safety all in one fluid motion, gone are the days of jumped too early – fall to death. Jumped too late – fall to death. Made jumps, wasn’t lined up quite right – fall to death.

The story is very well written and should be as it was penned by Rhianna Pratchett, who’s other works include; Heavenly Sword, Mirrors Edge and BioShock Infinite. The story develops the character of Lara Croft very well although it is a little different from that of previous outings as the tomb raiding aspect is secondary to the survival element of the game. You can play through the whole game without entering a single tomb if you wish, however I would not recommend this as the tombs are possibly some of the most entertaining aspects of the game.

The bow is a great addition to Lara’s existing arsenal* and offers some great, much needed new features including flaming / exploding arrows and the ability to fire arrows with rope attached into cliff-faces and reppel across.

*Existing arsenal. I was looking forward to the point when Lara picked up her trademark second pistol, but apart from a brief moment in the final cut scene this didn’t happen. I was also disappointed to discover there was no Croft Manor to explore and a general lack of unlocks, I was expecting a few extra costumes, classic Lara etc but no. Hopefully these and some other new features will be added later but not as as some over priced DLC nonsense. Perhaps these were omitted to make time to develop the multi-player section of the game. Did anyone want this? Not every game that is released needs an online multiplayer mode. If I want to be shot in the back of the head every ten seconds by a twelve year old from New Jersey I would just play Call of Duty.

In conclusion this game is definitely worth a look if you enjoyed Uncharted or are a Tomb Raider fan you will enjoy this. As well as this MGM have bought out the Tomb Raider rights and are rebooting the film franchise. Things defintely look positive for Lara’s future!!

p.s I thought adding Boobs into the title would get you to read this!

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