The Place Beyond the Pines – Review!


“If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder.” – Robin

The Place Beyond the Pines is undoubtedly one of the coolest films you’ll see in a long time. Not only does it star three of the most beautiful people on the planet (Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and everyone’s favourite Adonis Ryan Gosling) but the plot is so cool you’ll get goosebumps.

The film follows Luke (Gosling) a circus stunt rider who, upon finding out an ex, Romina (Eva Mendes), is pregnant sets out to rob a bank utlising the only skill he has – riding a stunt bike like a boss. Hot on is tail however is an ambitious cop, Avery (Cooper), who is determined to make DA in a department riddled with corruption.


Hey Girl – I’d rob a bank for this child, but I’ve already stolen your heart girl.

To pigeon hole Pines as a “heist thriller” is to do the film a massive disservice and you shouldn’t watch it if that’s what you’re hoping for; go with the DeNiro and Norton film “The Score” (not bad). In truth Pines is more of a family drama, an analysis of family bonds and genetics. Like Director Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine, which also starred Gosling, Pines is an in-depth drama which throws caution to the wind with its narrative.

It doesn’t aim to please everyone, it doesn’t follow the conventions of Hollywood, it simply tells a tale that is naturalistic and true to life. This is achieved through the excellent acting of Gosling and co, an intense and perfectly executed soundtrack, and cinematography that is faultless.

The realism is furthered by Gosling doing the bank robbery scenes in one take (badass), Gosling doing his own stunts (very badass), and Cianfrance’s commitment to his vision. Such was his commitment he drove 5 hours to Toronto to convince Cooper to star in his film, because he had written the part for him – “a guy who’s paraded around as a hero but inside feels corrupted.”

Any film fan should see The Place Beyond the Pines at least twice. Once for the initial intrigue and then again to take in each act (there are three, not really mentioned in the trailer, not your traditional narrative). It is a slow burner and my girlfriend is convinced I only enjoyed it because of my man crush on Ryan Gosling but, honestly, it is definitely worth a watch (love is blind). It’s not due for release until August 5th but you can grab a rip online if you’re a naughty so and so.

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