The Hangover Part 3 – “It Ends” (I’d hoped it already had….)

The Wolfpack are back in the third and final installment of the Hangover trilogy being released 23rd (USA) and 24th May in the UK .

Mixed Opinions around Hangover Part 3

The arguments are already kicking off around the world, ranging from people wishing this wasn’t happening to the crazy excited folk who just cant wait for the bearded one to make his entrance!

Initially when I heard a third Hangover film was being produced It seemed like the directors and actors were just going for a huge money grab.

Crystal_maze dome

There was very mixed opinion around whether the second movie was any good as it just felt like I bought the first film again by accident. Personally I liked the second film but it was the exact same story as the first. Swap a baby for a monkey and **SPOILERS** swap the location of the missing dude from the roof to the elevator and even bring back a singing Mike Tyson.


After seeing the trailer this installment doesn’t follow the same story-line of “oops i spiked your drink what the fuck happened last night O beardy one?”. This time the story follows the Wolfpack trying to get Alan some medical help as they’ve finally figured out he’s MENTAL! It only took Alans fathers death to make them realise this. On the trip to hospital is when the fun begins with them being assaulted and Doug being kidnapped. They have to find Mr Chow and hand him over to the kidnapper (played by John Goodman) to get Doug back. It even seems along the way a giraffe gets bitch slapped by a bridge????

Hangover 3 Giraffe

Enjoy the Trailer and fingers crossed we can just call this Hangover 2 and forget all about that attempt.

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