R.I.P.D Trailer – Reynolds Trying to make up for Green Lantern?

R.I.P.D – Rest in Peace Department

Ryan Reynolds latest comic book movie attempt to make up for the under-par ‘Green Lantern’ is coming soon.


About the Movie

This latest supernatural film directed by Robert Schwentke (who directed ‘Red’) is being released on the 19th July and stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges ‘Tron’. Its based on the comic series called Rest In Peace Department published by Dark Horse Entertainment.

The Storyline -Inner-Geeked up!!

This movie is basically Men in Black but you swap out aliens for demons and kill Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith at the beginning.
Reynolds is a cop who is killed and given a job working in the Rest In Peace Department by Mary-Louise Parker (oh how I miss weeds!!). His job is to capture evil demons on earth while walking round in the skin of an old Chinese man (made me laugh in the trailer). And as a typical underlining plot Reynolds hunts down his own murderer.

Even with the similarities to Men-In-Black R.I.P.D (pain in the ass to type) still looks like a fun film with some funny one liners thrown in. Hopefully this isn’t just another Green Lantern which just leaves me asking why and wanting a film worthy of the comics…

Have a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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