Oblivion – 2013’s First Good Sci-Fi?

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2013 is destined to be a fine year for sci-fi fans with Pacific Rim, After Earth (Will and Jayden Smith’s outing) and Elysium all looking like fine films.

This is probably why Universal decided to release Oblivion in May, before “Blockbuster season”. As only Joseph Kozinski’s second foray into sci-fi (his first being Troy) – Oblivion hits all the right notes and suggests that we’re going to see a lot more from this graphic novelist turned Director.
You can see Kozinki’s eye for the visual in Oblivion, the majority of the film is stunning. Combining incredible CGI against the backdrop of rural Iceland was a stroke of genius and makes up for the slow script.

When I say script I don’t mean plot. The plot had plenty of twists but the script was scarce at best. This could have been purposeful however, a nod towards the classic sci-fis like 2001: Space Odyssey.
The soundtrack certainly suggested a film from that era; it was all synth and snare, 80s badass. The soundtrack was probably the best aspect of the film, it was that good. The soundtrack is often understated in a film but this soundtrack set the film off nicely.

What about Tom Cruise?

Fortunately the film was all sci-fi and no scientology. As I said before the film was light on script so you didn’t want to punch Cruise in the face too much. He performed adequately, as did his female counterparts.

The film has been slated by the majority of critics for being all visual and lacking any human quality but I think that was intentional. The film is dystopian and the tone of the film reflects that. The plot was somewhat disjointed in places and I had to explain aspects of the plot to my partner but ultimately I think it came together nicely in the end.

Worth a watch?

Whilst this certainly won’t be the best sci-fi of the year it is certainly worth a watch, especially for fans of 2001: Space Odyssey, Blade Runner or perhaps even Wall-E. It serves as a nice warm up to what promises to be a fine year for sci-fi fanboys.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think if you do go and see it (or go in blind like I did, which I think improved the experience).

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