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The remake of the 1981 Evil Dead cult classic is c out today and by the looks of it its a gorefest. Its directed by Fede Alvarez (no idea who this is either!) and if the trailer is any indication it looks like he must have bulk ordered blood packs. Initial signs suggest the film is going to be a lot darker and actually try and scare the viewer in comparison to the comedy moments in the original.

I’ve come up with the following 4 reasons why I think you should get along to your local cinema and watch Evil Dead..

4 Reasons you should go out and watch the Evil Dead.

Their Back – Bruce Cambell and Sam Raimi
Thats right, Sam Raimi (the director of the original) and Bruce Campbell the world saver himself, are back helping produce this movie.

Having Raimi backing this venture definitely holds up as the main reason I would watch this. After the 21 years of waiting for Evil Dead 4 its good to have the brains behind the original back to make sure this film doesn’t turn out to be a complete turd.

After my initial disappointment of Bruce not being cast in the film himself I saw the trailer and decided if he had the film would have turned a tad gimmicky (however saying this, a nice Stan-lee-esque cameo would be a good blast from the past).

Both Bruce and Sam (I know first name terms how cool am I – Rhetorical question so don’t abuse my comment box below) have said in multiple interviews that this Evil Dead is a better movie than the 1981 version. That’s actually not possible but its nice of them to be fully backing it.

No Ash Rip-Off
The main character played by Campbell in the original films was called ‘Ash’. I was waiting to find out who would be taking over in this character, as this is always going to be the contentious aspect when people complain no-one can play this role better than Bruce. Surprisingly when I saw the trailer theirs no sign of a main character called Ash and even more surprising the lead is now a female called Mia.

This goes back to my original hopes that this flick will stand on its own feet. The first film focused soley around a strong male lead and now I can’t wait to see if Mia can chainsaw some possessed womans head in half, while laughing manically.

You’ll get the feeling from reading my reviews in the coming months that CGI slightly pisses me off. You don’t need to fill every film with CGI. I admit some films need this such as Avatar where their set in fantasy worlds but until the CGI looks spot on I would rather not watch some guy fighting over what obviously looks like a low budget computerised monster that’s totally out of place. If you’ve got the money and can pull it off go for it but sometimes even they screw up, such as in ‘The Mummy Returns’. Here’s a snapshot….It looks Shitty!!

The rock Mummy

Anyway back to the positives here. The new Evil Dead has no CGI. It looks packed full of fake blood and depends on having an awesome make-up crew backstage. The viewer won’t end up all of a sudden thinking their watching Tron instead of a horror movie taking place in the middle of the woods with a a crazy witch in the basement.

No 3D
Since watching Dredd I’ve decided 3D can be used effectively but you don’t just stick it in every film just because its the new toy everyone’s playing with. You notice in lots of films using 3D that their are these awkward scenes where someone very slowly turns a gun towards the screen in long drawn out sweeping motion, just to make it come out the screen. Its annoying to watch at the time and even more annoying when you buy the Blu-ray and you don’t own a 3D TV, so end up trying to figure out why things keep flying at the screen! If the film only works because the 3D is there, well I’m sorry to tell you its a shitty film.

Fede Alvarez is making Evil Dead an old school horror flick. Its meant to be creepy and blood filled and just an attempt at finding out how much shit can go down in the woods.

I hope those points are good enough reasons to give this movie a chance. They’ll still be die hard ‘Evil Dead’ fans asking “why the fuck are they making a sequel when it just won’t live up to its predecessor”. This is a very valid point but with both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on board as producers hopefully this films stands out as its own flick.

If you’ve just read all this and haven’t watched the original and the sequels pick them up here: The Evil Dead on DVD and the Blu-Ray or the The Evil Dead Trilogy (Box Set) Enjoy the Trailer

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  1. 3rd April 2013 | Laura Hinchliffe says: Reply
    The trailer looks great, but they always do don't they. Fingers crossed this is epic, I will definitely be purchasing a ticket for this one!
  2. 12th April 2013 | Antoinette says: Reply
    Your build up on information was really interesting . The trail was good , can't wait to watch the movie. I think I will get the box set as I only watched a couple.

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