5 Awful CGI Moments in Movies

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We’ve all watched these low budget B movies where the CGI is terrible. This doesn’t hurt the film, we expect the monsters and aliens etc to be unrealistic and look more like a load of sheep puppets attacking a village (see Black Sheep).

The issue comes when you get big budget movies that for some reason have terrible scenes here and there that just look out of place and ruin the feel of the movie.

This post is the first, I expect, many where I will list some of the worst CGI scenes in movies

5 Awful CGI Moments in Movies

The Mummy Returns – Scorpion King
The Rock makes his terrible appearance as the scorpion king. This is SOOOOO BAD!!!

The Volcano in the Terrible movie 2012 exploding. This is just one example of the CGI horribleness. To see more just buy the DVD as its 2 hours of Bad Bad Bad..

Blade 2
Blade takes on ninjas in Blade 2. For a few minutes I thought I was watching a game.. Watch from 2 min onwards.

Matrix Reloaded – Neo Vs Smiths
Watch from 3:30 min mark.

Deep Blue Sea – Samuel Jackson Becomes Shark Bait

Any obvious ones i’m missing? Comment Below…

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