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Remember Me – Is it really that Memorable?

The first thing to strike me about Remember me is the music. Composed by the award winning Olivier Deriviére (who also worked on games such as Alone in the Dark and ObsCure,) the score is an incredible mix of classical and contemporary styles that suit the style of the game perfectly.

The second stand out in this game is the story, set in a dystopian Paris in 2084 and dealing with such cyberpunk ideals as addiction, memory control and tyrannical corporations that control the masses, Remember Me would not look out of place next to the works of William Gibson or Philip K. Dick. The game also features lots of subtle references to some of the greatest science fiction works ever written. The main protagonists name is Nilin Cartier-Wells, the game takes place in neo Paris in 2084 and within the first five minutes of game play you will hear mention of Dr Quaid. If you don’t get any of these references you should stop playing video games and go read a book or two. (If you are young and don’t know what a book is, it’s like a video game but costs less money, can be used anywhere and takes a lot longer to finish. Here’s a link to George Orwell’s 1984 on Amazon to get you started.)

Remember Me’s game play feels quite familiar and is an interesting mix of elements from other games. The combat is very similar to that of the Batman games with a tiny smattering of Heavenly Sword, whilst the running, climbing and general roaming around sections of the game combine elements of Assassins Creed and Uncharted with a hint Mirrors Edge.

The games graphics are… good and bad. There is a lot of detail in everything but the lighting really lets the game down especially next to other recent releases such as Resident Evil 6, Hitmanand Tomb Raider. Everything also looks a little too clean, even the grime of the poverty stricken areas of neo Paris feel a little clean and safe, this may be intentional as the are rather a lot of androids wandering around cleaning things.  However, that said I want my dystopian futures to feel dirty, dangerous and… dystopian.

My only other small gripe with this game is the main character Nilin Cartier-Wells. Nilin does everything a great female lead should and does it well, too well in-fact. The character feels so light that there is never any threat that she may fall to a horrible death when leaping from ledges or climbing the sides of buildings. (Perhaps she should be this light as our heroin appears to have not eaten for the last few years, so much so that sometimes it feels like you are controlling a stick woman.) Nilin also seems to lack some of the subtle substance and emotion of characters like Lara, Faith or Noriko, especially for someone who has had their memory stolen.

Overall this is a great game, and a definite must buy for anyone who is a fan of cyberpunk or the science fiction genre.

You can Buy it from Amazon here: Remember Me


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