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Hey fellow babblers or just people who have clicked on this link to find out what Hollywood Babble-On is.

Well where to start? Theres so much that is covered in each show so I’ll give you a quick rundown of some areas. I’m sure I’ll end up writing a ton of Babble-on shit anyway…

I started listening to HBO (they call it that not me!) about a year ago after reading Kevin Smith Book ‘Tough Shit’ and I’m still hooked today, and currently host a HBO community on Google+: Hollywood Babble-on so check that out and join. After all it is just a selection of random geek nonsense, and updates on Babble-on topics.

Its part of Kevin Smith and co’s Smodcast network which is a collection of podcasts produced by himself, his friends and co-workers. I’ve recently started branching out and listening to a few of them now, such as FEAB (four eyes and a beard) and I’m sure more posts will follow either promoting or slating them.

HBO is a weekly podcast which takes place in front of a live crowd at the Jon Lovitz Comedy and Podcast Theatre in.. you guessed it..Hollywood. Its two recurring hosts are Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman (the head of the Garmy!) who you may know as the host of ‘The Joe Schmo Show’. Surprisingly he played a mute in Smiths latest flick ‘Red State’ as Ralph is an awesome impressionist as he is aptly named ‘the man of 37 voices’

The topics they cover are general entertainment news which always relvolves around the likes of ‘Sex Tape’ Kim Kardashian and the talentless cunt of all Chelsea Handler. Oh and lets not forget Taylor Swift Tadolph Switler.(love the morph pic below)
taylor swift adolph hitler mashup

They also cover people from the entertainment industry who have passed away the week prior in a segment they like to call ‘Hollywood Stiffs’. It sounds morbid but it has a awesome sound bite to accompany it and is interesting to hear what stars known and unknown have achieved.

One of my favorite segments was Garman doing an impression of a creepy clown putting on his makeup in a mirror. Check out the video below and wait for the Cosby clown about midway through.

I’ll cover off some of the other Babble-on shit another time as I need to give that penis a sandwich (babblers will get that one)

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