Y: The Last Man (and of course a monkey)

I’ve earned my gold star and have finished reading ‘Y The Last Man’ after seeing this comic series on every must read list Google has ever indexed.

It’s one of the best openings to a comic series I have read with every human and animal with an Y chromosome, being wiped off the face of the planet. And for some reason leaving one young man (a lazy amateur escapologist) and his pet male monkey that he just purchased. It follows the two of them trying to get to his girlfriend who he was proposing to when the shit hit the fan. Luckily this storyline isn’t the whole of it, as the arc branches out into trying to work out what happened and a cure to procreate.

This was followed by a breakdown of the split of men and women in engineering/pilots/government and very bluntly putting forward that “sorry women without us you are truly screwed”.

This heavy bias was very prominent in the first few editions which got a little grating. Once you get the gist you don’t need to keep pointing it out. It seems once the comic got traction and its run was increased it laid off this and brought in the action packed storyline.

With this series you get submarines blowing up, a gang of women who decided to cut off one boob each and ninja assassins. Oh and let’s not forget the awesome monkey.

The main character Yorick Brown is very likeable and seems to grow and mature well along with the run of the series

y last man

I may have thought sometime in my life that being the last man alive in a world filled with women would be Alcohol Sex and lots of heavy petting but after reading this series I’ve come to this conclusion:


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