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I’ve just finished Warren Ellis’s 2007 fictional novel ‘Crooked Little Vein’ after being hounded into it by  an inner-geek contributor John Mills. I hadn’t realised the author of two comic series I’ve been reading for a while now, ‘FreakAngels’ and the timeless ‘Transmetropolitan’ had put finger to keyboard and typed an actual book with no pictures.

The book follows a private investigator Mike McGill on his mission to retrieve a book which will radically affect the American culture and moral standings (it’ll make more sense if you read it). Mike is living in his office waging war against a rat when the creepy Presidents Chief of Staff gives him the case and half a million dollars. Mike then meets a girl called Trix at a lizard fetish party and brings her along for the ride.

The Plot – If you can call it one..
The storyline seemed likes fairly straightforward until you get 30 pages in and things start getting very very weird. I won’t spoil anything for you but this book had me running a Google Image search on some very weird stuff that I wish I could take back. I just had to check it was a real thing and why would people do that to themselves??  Thank god for my browsers Incognito mode and definitely not one for Google Glass. “OK Google search Godzilla, IV Drip and Saline Solution”

I would definitely recommend a read on the basis your not easily offended or easily sickened or easily disturbed. It’s a very entertaining and original book that I would highly recommend to fans of Transmet or if you like books by authors such as Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) or Carl Hiaasen

If you want to grab the book off amazon you can find it here:Crooked Little Vein and don’t post your opinions and comments below once you’ve read it!

Made me Chuckle

Made me Chuckle

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