Inner-Geeks Top 5 Worst Superheros Ever!

Ok we all love superheros and not only the Geeks it seems seeing as ‘The Avengers’ was the biggest Box Office Opening of all time!

The movie business has brought to the screens a whole host of awesome superheros, but us comic book fans know that they are just glossing over some real stinkers.

Here’s my Top 5 worst Superheros of all time..

1)Arm Fall Off Boy

I LOVE ARM FALL OFF BOY. A.F.O.B  was a D.C comic hero from the 30th Century. His special ability was.. Wait for it… you’ll never guess..He could remove his arms and beat people with them.

You gotta admit the power worked but is just stupid!!



Doorman exists in the Marvel universe and is a class 10 teleporter. This may sound fancy but it enables Doorman to teleport someone anywhere as long as its in the next room with his own body being the portal somehow. Never made much sense to me..

Enough Said about him..


3)Red Bee

If you’re allergic to bees then Red Bee is a lethal fighting machine. If not then he is one of the worst Superheros ever. He comes armed with a stinger gun that fires out bees and even has a sneaky belt that can release a bee at the opportune moment. Just to cap it off, if Red Bee is surrounded he can summon a swarm of bees to help him out.

The way to defeat Red Bee is with some insect spray and by punching him in his stupid face.

Red Bee

4)Color Kid

A fave of mine due to its sheer stupidity and uselessness. Color Kid could alter the color of things. How this helps him fight crime is anyones guess. He was so useless in fact that the Legion of Super-Heroes told him to f#*k off.

Things only got weirder for Color Kid when he was infected with a disease that turned him into a woman overnight and brought about the new era of Color Queen…. I give up someone find me a gun.

Color Kid

5)Squirrel Girl

Finally Squirrel Girl. What can I say. She can communicate with squirrels and boasts squirrel like abilities, tail and all. She even had a little pocket where she kept nuts to feed the squirrels with.

BEWARE!! May Contain nuts and Razor Sharp Claws


squirrel girl


Any others that you Inner-Geekers can think of? Comment below as I’m sure there are a ton of others I can add!!

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