This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude don’t click on this link

This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude don’t Open this book.

After finishing reading the sequel to ‘John Dies at the End’ I can’t wait for another book by the pseudonym David Wong, to yet again throw the main characters John and Dave into another life or death and soy sauce induced time freeze.

First things first it made a lot more sense than the original book. More of a linear story around panic of infection and how John can try and do good, but in the process make things much worse for everyone near him.

‘This Book is full of Spiders’ revolves around Dave waking up with a spider/alien thing in his bed which attacks him and really messes his shit up. Obviously as its from another dimension anyone who hasn’t taken the soy sauce can’t see this spider/alien/creature (and in one scene a huge spider controlled turkey man) thing, so of course it gets out infects the town and the world goes into crisis mode. Enough said without ruining the story…

It had a good mix action/comedy and just weirdness and kept aligned with the character favourites from the first. Amy’s dogs being one of them is busy helping out as always (there’s something very odd about that dog) and there’s even a cameo of Amy’s missing hand again.

I definitely recommend reading this as long as you realise once you finish the story wont make any sense whatsoever. Probably the same feeling as when the soy sauce finds you and turns your world upside down/inside-out/dave-im-dead-pick-up-the-hot-dog-phone.

this book is full of spiders

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