Shades of Grey Review – and no not 50 Shades!!

I’ve just finished Shades of Grey (no not 50 Shades..I tried reading that and got 150 pages in before realizing I wasn’t a horny housewife after all!) and found it very entertaining. Well done Jasper Fforde you’ve created a very very confusing world!

** If you really cannot be bothered to read anymore there is a very colourful vid at the bottom**


The Plot

The main focus of the novel is around individuals perception of colour. In this time (for some unknown reason) perception is limited and generally down to a single shade. Your social standing is then based on how much and of which colour you can perceive  Everything except the colour you perceive is all Grey and the only way to see other colours is though artificial paint. Just to top it off for some other unknown reason people have also lost the ability to see at night.

The story is set at least 500 years after the mysteriously named “Something that Happened” and life is governed by (some very messed up) Laws of Munsell of which manufacturing any more spoons is illegal and a loophole had to be found to be allowed to use the handle of a fork – Damn spoon shortage).

Eddie is a ‘Red’ (which are quite low on lifes totom pole and sit just above the ‘Greys’) andthis is the tale of  how his life changes when he meets a ‘Grey’ girl called Jane, who shows him things in this Colourtocracy are not as they appear.

Why you should read the damn book!

Shades of Grey is definitely worth a read, even just to immerse yourself in the very strange world that Jasper Fforde has created. Trees that try to eat you, people wandering around called Riff-Raff who you are supposed to pretend aren’t there (even if they use your bathroom). Periodic ‘Leapbacks’ take place where old tech is slowly added to a banned list and recreational drug use is in form of showing specific colour palettes to people. One girl turns up well ‘Limed’ and has to be shown some Red to come back down.

Grab yourself a copy of the book on amazon: Shades of Grey and make sure you safeguard all your spoons as one day they may be worth more than you think!

I’m going to get started on another one of Jaspers books so any recommendations add them below!!

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